Angel Salvadore... or Pixie?

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Okay, so Angel Salvadore's in X-Men: First Class... at least in name only. The movie character looks nothing like Angel Salvadore does, and honestly, she seems and looks a lot more like Pixie. Not to mention she has a connection to the Hellfire Club (Pixie's father is Jason Wyngarde aka Mastermind of the Inner Circle). Although Mastermind isn't in the movie, it's possible that there could still be a connection. Still, Pixie or Angel being a stripper for the Hellfire Club is a little disturbing, since they should only be like teenagers. What do you guys think?

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@AetherMaster: Yeah your right that is creepy especially the part in the trailer when Xavier and Magneto are sitting on the bed *shudders*. But i don't she looks like Pixie at all she IMO does actually kinda look like she's supposed too. But about whole Mastermind connection honesty don't think that was intentional just mere coincidence.   
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it's not that far of a stretch from model like she was in the House of M to stripper/whatever she is in X-Men: First Class

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I do think she sort of resembles how she does in the comics. And as for her appearing as a stripper, well the X-Men movies (no matter how much i do love them) screw over the comics continuity worse than any other. So, it's not hard to digest really.

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I like the character, but hate how she's randomly thrown in this movie...and I see 0% connection to Pixie. 
...I do hope she gets her powers back! (which will probably be more likely now that she's featured in the movie) ^_^ 

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Zoe Kravitz playing her is beautiful, I thought she would've made a better younger Storm IMO but I don't see any connection with Pixie, The wings look insect-like referencing Angel , instead of more 'enchanting' like Pixies 

Angel in First Class is an Exotic Dancer with tattoo's on her back that can transform into wings  (notice the tattoo on her shoulder in the first picture) - and I do like that twist to the character, it would be annoying to just see Zoe with wings all the time. Also the SFX for the wings throughout the film would be hard to do

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@AetherMaster: Even as one of the biggest Angel Salvadore fans I still think that Angel is still Angel herself. She seems to have her feisty personality but yet still deep enough to insecure about her mutation. And I love that in the film that their still keeping her mutation the same but still changing it though that's only because like CherryBomb said the SFX for the wings would really go out the roof. I just wish that the tattoo would have been more like the wings where layered closer to her body then tattoo's. But that still doesn't take away from the awesomeness that is that they still give her her acidic spit which I think is amazing because Angel seemed to be in a love/hate realtionship with her wings but she hated having to eat pre-digested foods. 

 Also I don't think she was randomly through into the film. Angel is an X-men she was a Brotherhood member at on point in time and she was even tutored and taken under the diamond cloak of Emma, herself, when she found out she was pregnant. So Angel as made herself a pathway to be a great X-woman and a featured person in the films. But that's not the only thing. Angel worked under the title Angel IV and because Angel (Warren Worthington) was put into the last X film he couldn't be put into this one so they choose the second Angel who also has wings. Again she has connection with the base characters of the film.  I don't think Angel is like Pixie at all. Pixie is more like Angel more than anything else seeing as Angel at one point was Wolverine sidekick and now its Pixie, but anyways there more different then alike seeing as Angel is more insect and Pixie is well more Pixiesque. And I also don't think she was meant to replace Storm (as we do see a Storm in the preview), but she meant to be "Angel" as Havok is meant to Cyclops. They just went with the elements of the movies before this one.
I don't know how I feel about on of my favorite characters being portrayed as stripper but I guess they've taken the fact that it's the sixties and that Angel was a child of abuse and went with it. But I've heard several of the writers and Zoe Kravtiz (whose playing Angel) say that Angel is a go-go dancers and I guess that's very different in the sixties and nowadays. I really would have liked if they had made her a model like in the alternate reality when Angel was a big model which would have been cool because exotic models were big in the sixties and a model with tattoo would have been even bigger. 
Anyways I can't wait to see her and the movie.
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I think they literally picked her in order to have "Angel" on the team, even though they couldn't have "Warren Worthington". 


But yes, she appears to be small & cute like Pixie, instead of the vile puke-on-my-food human fly that Angel used to be.  Put her in pink & she pretty much IS Pixie sans the dust.

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@xerox-kitty said:

I think they literally picked her in order to have "Angel" on the team, even though they couldn't have "Warren Worthington". 

I didn't even think of that. That seems very likely. 
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My girlfriend and I had this conversation as I explained the comic book Angel Salvadore to her and we came to the conclusion that Hollywood just hates ugly. They would never put an overweight, green acid puking, c**t of a teenager with back acne on the big screen so I guess some sort of amalgam of Angel and Pixie would seem appropriate. I wish the attitude of Angel Salvadore had translated though, she was down right vulgar, Kravitz just seemed a touch cheeky.
Anyway I guess my point is, I love me some ugly Angel Salvadore, damn you M-Day.

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I  found it a little like soulfire lol. 

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If you combine Angel's original look with her Tempest look she would look pretty much exactly like in the movie.

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I liked Angel-- but she didn't remind me much of Pixie (aside from being a girl with wings... I guess) Although she did remind me a little bit of M/Monet.

Oddly enough, a lot of people didn't like her in first class..

Maybe too much controversy because she shares the name Angel with Warren?

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I actually didn't mind her that much, looking back now. I remember being pretty disappointed and angry when they announced she was in the movie.

People disliked her in that film because either

  • she seemed like the least interesting/developed/sympathetic of the characters introduced in that movie
  • with such a limited cast of characters, she takes the place of a potentially more interesting/well-known mutant
  • her powers are pretty bland in comparison to the others

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