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Chief Rojas does not like any masked heroes. He thinks that they are just doing good so that they can be above the law. To him, Batman is nothing but another masked vigilante that is opposing his own point-of-view on crime. All Rojas is trying to do is unmask the Batman, and throw him into Arkham. When Joker escapes from Arkham in "Batman Strikes #3", he increases the heat on the Batman. Now saying that all criminals including Batman, must be unmasked and thrown in jail. To apply this rule he had his two best detectives focus on taking down the Batman, these detectives were Ethan Bennett and Ellen Yin. Rojas fired Ethan Bennett in "Batman Strikes #5", because Bennett said that the Batman is good and deserves to work in Gotham City. Though Rojas thought little of firing Bennett, it soon came to haunt him. When Ethan Bennett transformed into Clayface his main target was Chief Rojas, since Bennett hated Rojas for firing him. Despite Bennett's attempts to kill Rojas, Rojas was saved by the help of Ellen Yin and Batman.      

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