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Rose (Angel) Rivera is one of the newer characters in "Locas." She is a young Mexican-American woman from Tarzana, a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley portion of Los Angeles. Her father, Angel Rivera, runs a construction company, and since he and his daughter are so much alike most people call Rose Angel as well.

Angel is a student at Valley College. Her major is unknown, but she devotes a great deal of her time and energy at school to athletics. She plays softball, and she is also on the Valley College swim, wrestling, and gymnastics teams. Angel is a natural athlete who loves sports, but she finds the petty politics and jealousies of team sports frustrating. As an athlete, Angel often suffers from bad luck; her faulty dismount from a balance bar keeps Valley College out ot the state gymnastics championships.

Angel is an attractive girl with long brown hair. She dresses casually, in low-cut tops, athletic jackets, and long pants. She is very strong, and can carry a large man like Ray Dominguez some distance one-handed.

Angel has an open, amiable personality, and gets along with practically everybody. She is somewhat naive, especially about sex. Angel appears to be heterosexual. When Vivian Solis (the Frogmouth) hits on her, Angel at first does not even realize what Vivian is doing. Though often unlucky and baffled by the complexities of the world, Angel is fundamentally optimistic and never discouraged for long.

Angel comes to know Maggie Chascarillo and spends some time around the Capri, the apartment complex Maggie manages. Through Maggie, Angel meets Ray, Vivian, and Hopey Glass. In the recent 'Ti-Girls' series, Angel also becomes friends with Alarma, the mysterious seven-foot Russian giantess who lives at the Capri. In 'Ti-Girls,' Alarma is a superheroine and a member of a superheroine group known as the Feenomenons. Angel becomes an apprentice superheroine under Alarma's tutelage, assuming the name 'Boot Angel.' Angel has no super powers, so it is not easy for her to keep up with Alarma. Alarma is also abrasive and arrogant, but after many ups and downs she and Angel form an effective team.

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