grim's Angel: Only Human #4 review

a waisted issue?

as much as i love the characters at the center of this Angel Spin-off series, the story itself has been a little on and off for me. 
the first issue made me feel like this was going to be more a character comic. But issues 2 and 3 where all about fighting demons, with this last issue seriously reminding me of an anime as the fight that began in 3 completely  dominated issue 4, and probably wont end until issue 5. 
  Dont get me wrong, i love the demon fighting and whatever else. its just not the same without Joss overseeing it. And he always managed to plug actual character development into his stories, where this is really just more of what we angel fans have already seen. 
 i'll be picking up the next couple issues, but this just seemed like a waist of an issue with absolutely nothing but fighting in it. 


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