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Little is known of Angel O'Day's early life, except that her father's best friend was famed Chinese detective Charlie Chum, who taught Angel all he knew about detective work.

When she grew up, she met Sam Simeon, about whom there is still a great deal of mystery. It is assumed that he is a native of Gorilla City who is allowed to roam in the world of man. This may be because his ambition was to be a cartoonist, and he got a job working for Stan Bragg at Brainpix Comics, but Sam made a pittance and Stan took most of the credit for his work. Frustrated, Sam agreed to become Angel's partner in the detective agency.

They did quite well in their cases, but never became rich. In time, Sam quit Brainpix to work for Morton I. Stoops, a top editor at DZ comics. Sam is quite civilized and mild-mannered, but can be dangerous if someone calls him an ape. Because of his telepathic abilities, most people overlook the fact that he is a gorilla. 
In 1991 Phil Foglio wrote & drew an Angel & the Ape mini series which revealed that Angel was a half sister of Dumb Bunny of the Inferior Five.  It also revealed Sam's origin, and explained why no one can remember it. Angel and the Ape also had a miniseries in DC's Vertigo line in 2001.

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