ironhawk22's Angel & Faith #15 - The Hero of His Own Story review


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Plot: Whistler and Angel meet again...

Art: Great cover. This book has two artists, the first is pretty good but there are some really awkward scenes. There is a scene where Angel and Whistler are talking, and their faces look extremely rushed. I've seen Lee Garbett's art before and it's usually pretty good, but here it's inconsistent. The second artist does a fine job, not anything amazing here but good enough.

The Story: This issue just came out of nowhere. There was no real setup from last issue. Last issue ended with Angel and Faith leaving for England again and here Angel just walks into a pizza parlor and talks to Whistler. It's just weird. This issue looked great, I've been loving Whistler since "Becoming" and was excited for him and Angel to finally talk to each other. Well it kind of falls flat, there are some good scenes trust me there are.

They do a good job showing that Whistler isn't necessarily a villain. Honestly he makes extremely valid points here, and he really is the hero of his own story. We get some extra information on his background which is good.

They flesh out Pearl and Nash, still I don't feel for them. They really just serve no purpose outside of being evil. We find out why they're evil, but their still boring and I'm excited for them to just go away. We get back to the plot point with the surviving slayers by the end of the issue, which is a nice setup for the next arc.

Overall: Total filler issue, halfway through we switch over to Pearl and Nash and it feels like a completely different book. I love this series but this issue was just bland and had no real impact on the story.


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