ironhawk22's Angel & Faith #14 - Family Reunion, Part 4 review

Perfect Finale/Set-up

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Plot: Dark Willow's back! Will Angel, Faith, & Connor survive when Willow goes over to the dark side? While they restore Giles?

The Art: Great art as usual.

Plot: The character interaction is spot on as usual. Dark Willow's return is great, all though that demon guy just kind of gets forgotten. You really feel like the gang is in danger, and I love when Faith talks about when she was bad(Hey that's an episode title) and references her brief thing with Xander. Angel is really taking a lot of risks and it's great. We get some great interaction with Willow and the gang. Okay, so this arc has really made me like Connor as well hopefully we get to see more of him as the season goes on.

I especially like those demons that worship him, they're pretty funny. The scene with Angel and Willow is amazing. I've really liked how much closer Willow's gotten with Angel, Faith, and Connor as the stories gone on. The end of the story is great, there is a nice scene with Angel and Connor. Setup for Willow's mini-series as well as the possible ending of the season.

Overall: Great action, great humor, great character interaction, and a great ending/setup for the next arc.

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