ironhawk22's Angel & Faith #13 - Family Reunion, Part 3 review

So good!

Plot: Whistler pays Giles aunts, while Faith, Angel, Willow and Connor continue through a hell dimension.

The Good.

Whistler! Oh my God, WHISTLER!!! Seriously Whistler is fantastic in this issue. His interaction with Giles aunts is amazing. The best kind of "villains" are the ones that are somewhat right. The art, the colors, the whole scene is just amazing! As I've said before I love seeing Willow in this book. She's great, and that cliffhanger....

This issue is just a great read from start to finish. The character interaction is amazing, the story continues to be amazing.

The Bad.


Overall: Pick it up if you're a Buffy fan, it's amazing.


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