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Oh! So that's why they call it Quor’toth


Angel and crew have traveled into the realm of Quor’toth and have found themselves up against a force that they may not be able to defeat in order to escape with their lives.


There is little that I can say that I have not said in previous reviews of this series. Christos Gage continues to put together one of the more enjoyable to comic books on the shelf with his well-crafted story, engaging characters, and a strong balance of action and character development. Add to that the amazing artwork from Rebekah Isaacs, Dan Jackson, and Comicraft and there’s little left to want from this comic.

This issue continues the crew’s adventure into Quor’toth, and it is interesting to read Angel and Connor’s interactions with one another. Despite being separated for as long as they have and having gone on their own extremely different paths in life, they are still father and son and you can sense that bond growing stronger as this arc moves forward. Add in Faith and Willow’s struggles with their own person demons and there is a lot being packed into this arc without adding on the struggles they are having as a team and why they are even in Quor’toth to begin with.

Isaacs’s art continues to be a treat every issue and really grows bit by bit as she has become very comfortable with these characters and really lets them come alive on the page. Jackson’s colors are a big part of that giving these characters a strong look and really helping develop the environment that Gage writes them into. Once again, a strong creative team that really melds well together and produces amazing pages.


The only bad moment of this book is the cliffhanger ending with Willow, but that is more to do with my lack of history with these characters outside of this series. There is a purpose for Gage ending this issue with that look from Willow, and I just don’t know what significance it has other than knowing there’s trouble coming because of it. Readers who are familiar with Willow may know exactly what’s up, but it really doesn’t take anything away from the ending – it just makes me want to know more.


Angel & Faith is one of the strongest titles on the shelf because of a perfect storm of creative team, characters, story, and the fans being excited about what’s happening in this series. If you’re a newbie to these characters like I was prior to picking up the first issue, don’t worry about picking up this story arc. You will be entertained by the creative team and slowly introduced to these characters as you read along. Gage has not left his readers in the dark so far, and that is one of the strengths he brings to this series.

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Posted by MatKrenz

With Willow's are dark and veins popping out means she's reached whatever level of magic she used back in season 6 of Buffy when she became 'Dark Willow'. Now I myself have only watched Angel so I don't know all the details about her but I hope this helps you.

Posted by ChrisPartin

Ah! Now I've heard of that, but never saw it. That does help me out in understanding the impact of that cliffhanger.


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