matkrenz's Angel & Faith #11 - Family Reunion, Part 1 review

I was giggling like an idiot.

Angel & Faith meet up with Willow in order to help her bring magic back into the world and to do this they go back to Los Angeles and meet up with old friends.

With reading summarys online with what been happening in Buffy S9 I gotta say that A&F is definitely the important series you should be reading because it's dealing with the fallout of the end of magic and trying to find a solution for all the problems it's been causing.

And speaking of these problems they have to be my grip with the issue because the correlation of losing The Seed and there being no new good books, movies, songs, high suicide rates and people losing hope is not explained at all. I understand if magic users were the ones killing themselves but not regular people, maybe it's something that was explained in Buffy S8 or even the series but it might be explained later one.

So we also get Willow demanding Angel's help since they could try to go to another dimension to bring some of it's magic to our world and dimension is Quor'Toth and the only way to get in there is with Connor's help. What I like most about this scene is Willow convincing Angel by pointing out the fact that both of his plans he had up until now to bring back Giles revolve around high end magic artifacts and he's doing this without thinking of the consequences and he's not even trying to fix another problem he caused that could help him. It really shows that Angel sometimes try's to go the way more dangerous route for his own redemption quest than he needs to, it also shows the difference between Angel and Willow's reasons to bring back magic. Willow is completely selfless, even tough she misses magic she's thinking of everybody else that needs and Angel is more selfish because he's thinking that this is gonna help on his quest to bring back Giles.

But the big reason I love this issue so much is that Gage finally brings in Angel's some of Angel's old crew, specifically Gunn, the Hyperion Hotel and Connor. Gage writes them well enough for the number of pages they appear in, I find Connor and his split memories likeable enough (I mean this was the only way to have the character not going after his dad all the frigging time) and we get a rundown as to what everybody else is doing witch most of it makes sense for each of the characters. I mean there is a base level of enjoyment seeing the old hotel and Angel talking to the people that he's worked with for 5 years being back in his world, now if we could only get Wesley into the mix.

Rebekah Isaacs art is greatly detailed as always and all the characters all look like the actors without it being weird.

Verdict: If you are an Angel fan this is the issue for you. It's dealing with the biggest problem of the world in this season and it's a good place to show some growth for Angel and make him realiaze some things about his mission. The consequences for the lack of magic doesn't make a whole deal of sense but It makes enough sense that I can deal with it.

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