ironhawk22's Angel & Faith #10 - Women of a Certain Age review

Giles: Secret Origin

This issue takes a look into the past of Giles, and introduces two characters who seem to be very important to Angel's quest to revive him. Good. To start out this book actually feels like Buffy. Unlike Buffy Season Nine, Angel and Faith sound like Angel and Faith(in my opinion Buffy Season Nine doesn't feel like Buffy to me). We are introduced to Giles aunts and I can not help but find them pretty funny. The issue may seem like a filler but it actually develops not only Giles backstory but Angel's quest to revive the late Watcher. A certain character also crosses over setting up the next arc. Chris Samnee's art works here. While usually his art is not my favorite here it works as it did Ultimate Spider-Man. Overall a fantastic issue of Angel & Faith. Bad. Nothing I can think of. Verdict. Well given the five star rating I think that alone tells you this issue is one you should pick up. Also make sure to visit my blog and read my review of Edison Rex. 5/5


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