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"ANGEL Corps" is a 32 page Full Color Standard Sized Comic Book. 
Eric Linquist's first story picks up a time in the Earth's near future where a select number of humans develop rudimentary, low-level super-powers that don't work all the time but soon begin to work enough to cause some unwanted damage across the planet. The media dubs these individuals "megahumans." Concerned nations agree to send them all to a super-funded U.N. for sophisticated analysis into the phenomena.  As megahumans around the world decide to journey to New York City, their powers begin to amplify into supercharged high gear just as a planet threatening crisis erupts. Can seven of them who step up form an alliance of nations, a team of angels, charged with guarding Earth from the deadliest newly-emergent planetary threats?  

Eric's second story unfolds in ancient Atlantis, where we are introduced to an elite team of warrior angels that have become inexplicably separated from their god, the Omniety and have split up into two factions. Angel Dommine' leads the group that wants to guide humans directly while Angel Destine' leads those who believe in a non-interference directive, assisting only from afar. Their conflict escalates into calamitous destruction and gets them all hurled into a timeless dimension for over 1,000 years!  Present-day mankind inadvertently frees them from their dormant state, releasing the angels into our present day, godless, feuding and coping with an era they've never could have imagined!

What will happen when  ANGEL Corps is called upon to go up against elite warrior angels?  

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