grim's Angel: Barbary Coast #1 review

Ghosts of Angel's Past...

 If your a fan of Buff or Angel, the stories of Angel's past are always interesting to see and piece together. 
 Barbary Coast seems to focus on Angel searching for answers in late 1800's- early1900's San Fransisco.  While most fans can guess where the story goes from there, interesting aspects still present themselves. some of the story seems to be set in a demon bar of the times, and a mysterious woman with an equally mysterious tattoo pulls some crazy... well, read and see.
 While most of the Angel stories now days seem to play off of either Buffy's stories or the tv show, this one actually brings new and interesting eliments to Angel's past. where they will lead.. who knows? but this first issue is a definite for fans of our favorite vampire with a soul... or second favorite if your a Spike fan.
 4 out of 5 demons dropped from rooftops.

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