amber's Angel #6 - First Night, Part 1 review


Joss Whedon has this way of introducing plots and subplots without promptly explaining any of them. He takes his time and when all is finally revealed, a reader or viewer finally gets to say, "Hey, that was pretty damn good." As for this episode/issue of Angel ATF, not everything is resolved but at least some things are explained.

The cool thing about this issue is the unique approach to the editorial and art direction. There are three "chapters" from differing points of view about this time from the end of the show to the present Hell-in-LA-major-demon/champion-battle. The first is from Spike followed by Connor (and if you give that chapter a chance, you might hate this character less and just give in a little acceptance) and last but certainly not least, is Lorne. The Lorne chapter is alone is the reason to buy this book!

Because of the differing points of view, the voice and tones change and the art changes to go with it. The Lorne chapter is done like a fairy tale book with more child-appealing artwork and written completely in rhymes. It's fan-freakin-tastic!

There's also a sort of 4th chapter which starts off the book and then comes back at the end. It's about the giant Fishy but I didn't mention it as a chapter because I didn't notice them giving any separate credits to it like the others. I guess it's more of the "main" story with the others inclusive to it. I always feel so bad for Fishy. I expect Lobo to ride in and save him!


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