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As Ange prepares for her journey to begin as the moral guide, giver of proper advice and constructor of a firm foundation, for her selected host, she fidgets and worries asking repeatedly what her mother had done on the day she went to join her selected host. Marina proudly encourages her that her mother had been just as nervous as she was being. When she first meets Dev, her Nefarian counter-part, she is appalled by his rude egotism.

Ange usually guides Theo away from "dangerous" things that could injure or embarrass him, such as tricks on his skateboard to impress women. She is also firm in her beliefs about guiding Theo in doing well in school. Ange and Dev often argue over what they should be guiding Theo to do, which gets rather bothersome for Theo, since he kind thinks he might be going nuts! Eventually Theo learns to just tell them to "Shut Up!" when they get over-bearing in their arguing.

During the Track meet Dev convinces Theo to take a short-cut to try to win the race. Despite Ange's berating Dev for manifesting in Theo when Walker insulted his family, Ange manifests in Theo when he trips on a rock and goes flying over a steep drop. She literally make him FLY. Neither Ange nor Dev knew it was possible to actually APPLY themselves into Theo's world.

After Dev is, somehow, pulled out of Theo's head, Ange is the only one left in his head to guide him. Ange's influence is immediately noticeable when he start apologizing for bumping into people and the slicks his hair.

Dev ends up taking off and so Ange has free reign in influencing how Theo acts. Later Theo Thom, and Kiori catch up with Dev at the beach. Theo/Ange and Dev argue for a while, during which time Kiori is pacing around the group. Suddenly there's flash of light and everyone is transported to Perspectra. Ange immediately goes to hunt down Marina to try to figure out what is going on. When she finds Marina, she's informed that there's FAR more then she realizes to the situation.

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