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Andromache is best known as the wife of the Trojan hero Hektor, queen of Troy, and sister in law to Paris. During the course of the Trojan War, Adromache played a big part behind the scenes advising her husband in regards to the battle against the Greeks. While Hector thought it smarter and more honorable to meet the Greeeks in open combat, Andromache realized that the best offense was a good defense, and with the Trojan's high and impenetrable walls, they could attack the Greeks when they came too close to the city.

Following her husbands death at the hands of Achilles, Andromache's done was killed after being tossed from atop the city wall. She was then taken to be the mistress by Neoptolemus after the city had been sacked using the Trojan Horse. She eventually has another three child with Neoptolemus, and after he dies she marries Helenus and becomes queen of a city, Epirus. She goes to live in Pergamum and there she dies.

Other Media


In the 2004 epic film titled, Troy, Andromache was portrayed by actress Saffron Burrows.

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