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Andrew & Mary

Andrew Bennett was originally a lord in the court of Queen Elizabeth. One day, before he left on a journey, his lover Mary Seward warned him not to leave, fearing for his safety with no reason. He laughed and left any way. On the road, he was attacked by a vampire, was devoured, and died. He rose again three days later, undead, but with his mind unaffected by the curse. He vowed to drink only bottled human blood and the blood of animals.

Character Creation


Andrew Bennett first appeared as the main character of the I... Vampire series for House of Mystery, written by J.M. DeMatteis. Since then, he has appeared in several other comics, most notably Dr. Fate and the DC halloween speicals. Most recently, Andrew Bennett was given ongoing series called I, Vampire written by Joshua Hale Fialkov as part of The New 52.

Current Events

The New 52

Andrew is currently leading the entire vampire nation and has been recently brought back from the dead. The Van Hellsings are closing in on his location and will determine the fate of the entire vampire race.

Major Story Arcs

Andrew Bennett's look, before The New 52

As a unique Vampire that can control his urges, Andrew refused to infect other people. The only time that he ever did so, was to infect his lover Mary Seward, when the latter decided to share his fate and become a vampire. However, she soon succumbed to the temptations of vampirism. She became cunning and evil and founded a secret society of vampires called The Blood Red Moon. Horrified at what he had unleashed upon the world, Bennett decided that it was his duty to stop Seward. He even went as far as to follow her through time in an attempt to help with the rings of Kur-Alet.

The two of them battled for centuries. In 1980, Bennett faced The Blood Red Moon as they prepared for their final conquest. He was helped by Russian vampire hunter Dmitri Mishkin whom he had raised and trained from a child and Deborah Dancer, a girl he saved from Seward at Woodstock. Mishkin was changed into a vampire and died the true death in the attempt and and Bennett risked all by swallowing a soviet formula that was supposed to confer all the powers of vampirism and negate all the side effects.

The formula was never meant to be taken by someone who was already a vampire and Bennett's body began to rapidly decay. Dancer, however, had figured out the correct way to use the formula and took it herself. She attacked Seward and, as the sun rose, Seward died the true death.

Bennett had died once again due to the formula, but it was short lived. He was revived once more, but was determined to die. He visited his friend Shoju, the leader of a Buddhist monastery that had been turned to vampires by The Blood Red Moon. The monastery exposed themselves to the sun to kill themselves and tried to kill Bennett with them through meditation. Once again, he returned to life.

The Lords of Order appeared to him offering a way for him to finally end it all by bringing about the Age of Chaos, destroying all of creation in order to ultimately bring about the Age of Order. Bennett traveled to Europe, found the Holy Grail, and drank Jesus' blood in order to purify himself. After that, he was transported to a temple in India where he played a flute to bring about the Age of Chaos. He succeeded, but he survived reemerging in a void with Dr. Fate ( who had been sent to stop him). Bennett and Fate then watched as the whole of reality was recreated. After seeing this he felt more at peace and tried yet again to kill himself by sunlight.

He was not seen again til years later during the Spectre's war on magic called Day of Vengeance. He with many other people of magic was held up at the Oblivion Bar a place "where all the magic types can hang out and unwind, without being bothered by the Normals, or even the non-magical super crowd". He later, along with thousands of other magic users, lent a part of his magic to Enchantress, to funnel to Billy Batson to use against the Spectre.

Andrew Bennett showing his fangs.

Shortly after the Infinite Crisis Bennett and a group lead by Dr. Thirteen had to literally fight for their right to exist in the newly remade universe. They succeeded and Bennett stayed with this group for an unknown time. The other members were Anthro, Genius Jones, I...Vampire, Infectious Lass, Captain Fear, the ghost of Jeb Stuart, and Julius of The Primate Patrol.

During Reign in Hell, where Lord Satanus fought Neron for the throne of Hell, all demons and beings of Dark magic were recalled to Hell to fight. Bennet was in Prague "when the vampire, firstborn of Lilith, mother of all atrocities,is freed from night's restraint". Freed from his curse, Bennett died.

In 2009, members of The Blood Red Moon attempted a ritual to resurrect their Queen of Blood - Mary Seward. However, they were stopped and destroyed by the Outsiders. Shortly after the departure of the Outsiders, Deborah Dancer appeared and performed the ritual, resurrecting Andrew Bennett. Bennett lashed out at Dancer, enraged at his return to the land of the living ( or unliving) after finally finding peace.

One year later, Bennett had been captured by a coven of the Blood Red Moon and was rescued by Batman (Dick Grayson) and Robin (Damien Wayne). He then helped them destroy the coven that had held him.

New 52

Andrew Bennett

After the reality altering events of Flashpoint the history of Andrew and Mary was changed to an unknown extent. At some point previous to the present timeline, about thirty-five years before the start of I, Vampire #1 Andrew Bennett met John Troughton. The latter was being attacked by a female vampire who had just given others "sex and drugs" before killing them. She then tries to consume Troughton's blood and by extension killing him, but not before Bennett intervenes and kills the vampire, who was apparently connected to Mary Seward.

Andrew and Mary are now much younger than they previously were and have both known each other for 400 years, which was when Andrew first turned Mary into a vampire. The Two of them are lovers, like they have been for the past 400 years, however Mary has succumbed to the consumption of blood and believes that the world is ready for Vampires to rule instead of living their lives in the shadow of humans and allowing "aliens and masked men" take over the world. Andrew tries to convince Mary that she doesn't need to do this and that she can convince her vampires that the war would be their death. Mary's just insulted by Andrew's attempts to try and stop her and even mocks him by changing into her appearance of 400 years ago, before turning, to which Andrew doesn't react well. Eventually the two decide to spend one last night together and when Andrew finally wakes up, he sees a letter written by Mary telling him that the war has already started and that she knows he'll try and stop them and she'll love him all the more for it. After this Andrew starts to kill all of the humans that have been turned into Vampires by the army, but is eventually led into an ambush which he runs from by going into the subway. He then turns around to witness these Vampires start turning more humans within a train into actual vampires, while Andrew is helpless to do anything.

Andrew is then seen fighting the vampires in town, including the recently turned ones. While he is fighting Mary Seward is watching him intently because it is possibly the last time that she will ever see him again. Then she ambushes him and tries to kill him, however is unsuccessful. He tries to convince her to stop this one last time, before all the Vampires start attacking him. When she stats leaving, due to something she 'has to do' he throws his sword at her in a futile attempt to kill her, but fails. He then criticizes her 'freedom fighters' but Mary merely says they are doing what is necessary to survive. She then leaves, ordering the Vampires that are there to kill him, but knowing full well that the vampires there won't be able to. She knows however that Andrew will be angry at his failure at letting hundreds die, while Mary thinks to herself that she is now the ruler of the planet.

Going After Mary Seward

John Troughton

After escaping the vampires, Andrew is heavily damaged and goes to see an old friend of his called Professor John Troughton. When the former wakes up, Troughton tells Andrew what has been happening and the latter realizes that Mary has been deceiving him because the attacks were bigger than Andrew thought they would be. The pair then goes to a Metro station that was built in the wrong area and thus abondoned. Andrew was expecting to find Vampires there, but instead find a girl who had followed Vampires in and was waiting for them to come back, named Tig. Tig attacks both of them but they manage to convince her that Andrew is a good vampire, together the trio find a message from Mary telling them that she'll be in Gotham City. The trio then packs and goes to Gotham, with John Troughton recalling the fact that the only possible way to stop Mary may be to kill his best friend himself, because if Bennett as Mary's sire dies, Mary may die as well.

Meeting Constantine

Andrew & John

Eventually, Bennett and his companions decide to stop to get some rest for the humans, while Bennett himself decides to go out looking for "food". During his way he finds a man who he immediately identifies as a Vampire, who much like himself, has controlled the urge. He told Bennett that he held back because of an incident concerning his wife and daughter and now doesn't drink human blood. Bennett decides to give him a "pep" talk and shows him that he himself can turn into a werewolf simply by willing it. Unexpectedly, however, the man manages to do the same. Bennett wasn't expecting this but, soon leaves. The man then becomes intoxicated with his newfound power and goes into a bar filled with humans and starts to wreck havoc. Coincidentally, John Constantine was smoking outside the bar and decided to stop the Vampire himself. Just as Constantine was about to kill the Vampire, Bennett appears behind Constantine and hits him, knocking him out. He then proceeds to kill the other Vampire and claims that he was sorry as he didn't expect for the man to be able to do what he did himself. The man's last words asked Bennett to give his amulet to his wife and daughter if he saw them, and tell them that he was a good man. Constantine soon wakes up, curious about this Vampire that kills other Vampires and Bennett warns him of the coming war of Mary Seward so Constantine can tell his fellow members in the Justice League Dark. He then leaves and opens the amulet, he becomes shocked when he finds out that the daughter of the man who he just killed is actually Tig.

In Gotham

Andrew & Batman

Later, the group goes into Gotham City and soon notices that there was a huge attack by other Vampires on humans. When Andrew goes to investigate, he is surprised by the Batman who demands to know what he has done with the victims of the attack. The two engage in a fight, with Bennett clearly trying to avoid the fight altogether, with the fight ending after they are interrupted by police lights. The group goes into a public building where they suspect the vampires are hiding out and they are soon confronted by the Batman yet again. This causes Tig to turn on Bennett and attempt to persuade Batman to kill him off. Bennett ends up convincing Batman for them to work together and they proceed to go underground to where the Vampires are hiding, where they are subsequently ambushed by them. During the fight Tig decides the best way to end the fight is to kill Andrew since he sired Marry and she the other vampires. Tig takes Andrew by surprise staking him in the heart and quickly decapitating him this sends shock waves through the magical community.

Rise of the Vampires

Suddenly, Xanadu is stricken with a great pain as she senses a disturbance in the world's magic. What she's sensing is the death of vampire Andrew Bennett in Gotham City, leading to the resurrection of Cain the original, and most powerful vampire. The JLD travel to Gotham where they are met with a massive attack on the city from Cain's vampire forces, which he took control of from Mary, Queen of Blood, Andrew's lover. Cain's pressence also begins to siphon all magical energy towards himself, which leaves the teams powers weakened. In order to combat Cain, Xanadu tasks Constantine and Deadman to enter Purgatory in an attempts to retrieve Andrew, while she enters a trance in order to enter an astral plain in an effort to acquire more help, while Zatanna and Shade are forced to protect her body on a rooftop as they, along with Batman and Andrew's allies square off against more and more vampires. Angry that her horde was stolen from her, Mary eventually comes to the defense of Zatanna and Shade, but Cain begins to power up his new army with all the magical energy he siphoned. While Constantine and Deadman find Andrew, he seems uninterested in coming back to fight, saying he has nothing left in him, meanwhile, Xanadu has the Crystal One shift the tides of magic. Back in Gotham, Zatanna eventually transports herself, Xanadu and Mary to Robinson park where Constantine and Deadman show up empty handed, followed by Cain and his vampires. Before the team can be attacked, the effects of the Crystal One's shifts are seen, as a rejuvenated Andrew appears, proclaiming he found some fight left in him. With his new powers, he takes control of the vampire horde, proclaiming he is to lead them, and reuniting with Mary. He uses the horde to hold back Cain while he decapitates the primordial vampire. With Cain gone, Mary suggests finishing the job, killing the humans, but Andrew stops her, saying they've exposed their kind enough for one night, and uses his powers to erase the memory from all but the JLD and his friends. Before Andrew leaves to lead his species to a new life, he is confronted by Constantine, as the JLD believes they just switched one vampire threat for another, but Andrew assures them that he is the least of their worries, as there are bigger threats on the horizon, and when the time comes, he would lend his aid to the team. Andrew then tells John Troughton to contact the Order of the Van Helsings and tell them what he was doing.

Justice League Dark

Indebted to the sorcerer John Constantine, the vampire Andrew Bennett was forced to join the group for one mission--the A.R.G.U.S sanctioned retrieval of Doctor Mist. As part of the team, Andrew Bennett fought countless of Felix Faust's magic thugs. After the bout, Andrew Bennett immediately left, thinking his debt to Constantine has been payed off.

Andrew Bennett has ties to the House of Mystery ever since he has been invited into the house by its proprietor, John Constantine. Due to this, Constantine was once again able to call on Bennett for help in one of their missions.

Powers & Abilities

Pre new 52

Like many vampires, Bennett is able to turn into a bat, wolf , or mist and doesn't seem to age but for the exception of his hair going white in one stripe. For a time if he was killed by the sun or other means, he would just return to life a few days later. This seems to have been a ploy by the Lords of Order in order to get Bennett to serve them in exchange for "the true death", but this no longer seems to be the case. Unlike most vampires, Bennett's mind has also been unaffected by vampirism. Also, while vampires are destroyed by a steak through the heart, Bennett is merely rendered inert until the steak is removed.

New 52

In the New 52 reality Vampires no longer are destroyed or killed by sunlight but are instead greatly weakened by it, to the point where they become nearly completely human in nature. John Constantine has shown to be able to mimic the sun's properties, even when the sun isn't up, through a magic spell. While this allowed Constantine to gain the upper-hand on an average vampire, for some reason Bennett seemed unaffected by this outcome.


They have shown the ability to shapeshift to a greater extent than before, being able to become a variety of different forms, none of which are completely defined as Andrew has been able to create a hybrid between the stereotypical vampire form. Vampires have also shown the ability to create clothes through shapeshifting.

  • Wolf - Andrew has shown to be able to turn into a wolf as well as combining his wolf form with his natural 'human' form to create a sort of werewolf-ish form. His fellow vampire Mary Seward has shown the ability to also grow Bat-like wings from her wolf form, which allowed her to fly.
  • Mist - Andrew has also shown that he is able to change into a mist and back, being able to do this in combat as well to avoid strikes in the 'nick of time'. He has also shown to be able to mist all of his clothes as well as the weapon he was carrying. He is able to partially turn into mist so that only his upper body shows or he can turn into full mist.
  • Bat- Andrew has displayed the ability to turn into bat in order to achieve flight.

He has also been shown becoming a flying wolf by adding Bat-like wings to the existing shape of the wolf. Because of his age Bennett is supposedly stronger then most other vampires, with Mary Seward even stating that he is "stronger than anyone" and saying that the two of them would be 'unstoppable'.



Andrew has been resurrected from the dead and has returned with extremely powerful magical abilities. He has been seen displaying TK by sustaining individuals in the air, exploding the heads of two human beings with his mind and with a click of his fingers magically regrew them and replaced all blood lost.

He also displayed the ability to bring dead vampires back to life. When he performed this feat he did so to an army of vampires at the same time who had been slain.

Vampires have so far shown the expected weaknesses of a Vampire, with the exception of sun, mentioned above, Vampires have shown to be vulnerable to being staked through the heart and have a desire they cannot control for blood.

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