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Andrea Allen is the daughter of Matt Allen and Claire Allen. After her mother divorced her father and she decided to live with her and took the H-Dial from her father in anger not knowing what it could do. One night in frustration she grabbed the H-Dial and spelled H.E.R.O. After the smoke cleared she discovered she was older and had super powers and went out flying with her new abilities to vent out her anger.

Andrea Allen found the H-Dial among her father's things the day she left him with her mother. That night, she discovered that she could use it to become a super heroine and spent the night flying. She was teased on her first day. One of the girls who teased her saw her with the H-Dial and asked about it. At first, she was reluctant to tell them about it, but she decided to tell her in hopes of becoming her friend. After letting her try it out, she became friends with her and one of her friends as well.

Unfortunately, her friends weren't very cautious and transformed into heroes right in the school. One of her friends moved a bus to block the door to school so that she wouldn't have to take a test. The headmistress had caught on to the fact that the three had something to do with all the strange happens and warned Andrea that expulsion might happen if it continued. Andrea tried to figure out a way to get rid of the H-Dial, but realized she couldn't without being stuck as a super hero.

That night, she came up with a plan to save herself and her friends from expulsion. It took all night for Andrea to get the hero she needed. When her friends were being told that they were going to be expelled, Andrea informed the headmistress the school had a Dimensional Rift and was under an alien invasion. She created an illusion showing a bunch of aliens being transported back through a dimensional rift. Andrea said that the headmistress alone would remember what happened and the girls were not expelled. While riding home from school that night, the girl's fought over the H-Dial and lost it.

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