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Andrea's younger sister, the two were on a road trip to get Amy back to college where she was a junior in physical education. The sisters enjoyed their little bonding trips. They broke down before they could reach Atlanta and its bevvy of zombies. Dale would pick them up on his way away from Atlanta.


Written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Tony Moore.

Major Story Arcs

After being picked up by Dale, the trio takes up camp with a few other survivors outside Atlanta. Despite the disapproval of some in the camp (Donna), Amy and Andrea live with Dale in his RV. One laundry day, Amy and Andrea get out of the chore by tending the kids. Amy swears and Donna gets onto her for it, to which Amy cavalierly brushes off with another off-color remark. As the girls watch the kids, Donna is attacked by a zombie. Dale saves Donna and Amy and Andrea run over with each holding one of Donna’s twins. They watch in disgust as the zombie is finally killed. A few days later, Rick and Glenn return from Atlanta with guns. As the rest of the group practices, Amy tends the kids with Dale.

Sneak Attack

During one night at a camp dinner Rick asks for everyone’s story. The mood gets pretty thick as each person relates how he or she came to be camping outside Atlanta. Never bashful, Amy cuts in and states that she’s off to pee. As she returns, a group of zombies attack the camp. Amy is immediately bitten as the group goes into survival mode by blasting away at each zombie. In the aftermath, Amy lies dying. Andrea makes the decision to shoot her in the head to prevent any chance of Amy coming back as a zombie.

Other Media


Emma Bell

In AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” Emma Bell plays Amy. Her portrayal is similar to the comic in that she is Andrea’s sister and lives with Dale. She is bitten in the zombie attack on the camp. Instead of being prematurely killed, Andrea waits to kill Amy until she actually turns into a zombie.

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