Why do people love her so much?

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Okay I admit Sally's a bit Suish at times. But at least she and Mina Moongoose were around his age. And no offense to the Archie writers, but I don't count her spell to make her older count. I could get if she had been put through that time warp stuff like Layla Miller, Cable, etc from the X-Men comics. But spells. I don't really count those. She's still a kid compared to Sonic who's.... he's what 16 or 17 right? Either way, he's older. It still creeps me out how people are all. "They're meant to be8D!!".  Just cause she's an obsessed fan doesn't mean their meant for each otheroO.

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It could be from the fleetway comics. There is already another charaacter who has reationship with an age gap or trying to do. Tails tried be with Fiona which ended terribly.     



He also ha far distance girlfriend named Barby Koala. in the future he wil marry Mina Mongoose. That marriage was like marrow with gambit, you did not see that one coming.    
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I like Amy Rose =D

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Amy is awesome
Sally is more of a punk, but they are both awesome

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Amy started as a fan girl. She has been developing slowly. We think of her as this




It took Rosy the Rascal her evil version of her to see how nuts she can be.     



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Amy Rose is an abomination

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In the Archie comics she is a fangirl. Little is known from her origin Rob o Hedge is her only cousin most likely her parents were likely roboticize and we assume they are dead. Although Sonic has fanclubs no one wants to join hers. All the character aware she is annoying. She starting act more mature in Sonic the Hedgehog #222. She has development from starting out as a fangirl and as I said before there is the Fleetway version of her which is very different.

I am putting some more thought into it. I think some feel sorry for her during the Sonic 06.

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I just learn there is subtlety with Amy Rose in the games. I said before both comic help advance her character but there are hints in subtlety. Take a look on the video:

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i was under the impression she was sonics sister. (for all you kids out there, sonic 3 was the last sonic game okay?) eveyone like her bc shes pink

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***** is crazy, i dig crazy :D

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Perhaps the games need to add more into her character. The comics from both Archie and Fleetway have to deviate from the source to make her interesting and have more depth. They did it with all of the characters but Amy is most noticeable. As development goes she started as a fanfirl and she progressing to get out of it or only to be know as that. As DH69 pointed out fans do love extreme obsession behavior. I am not saying that should go away just add more to her character than that so it does not go stale.

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