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Amy is a honest cop in the rampantly corrupt city of Bludhaven. Amy is assigned to be the rookie partner Dick Grayson, secretly the vigilante known as Nightwing, working with him as he worked to rid the Bludhaven police department of corruption from the inside. Amy at first assumes that Grayson, like almost every other cop in Bludhaven is corrupt, but when he proves himself she reveals that she along with several other cops on the force are working to do the same. She then began growing to to trust Grayson, introducing her to her family at a barbeque she invites him to. Amy would face danger outsider of her duties as an officer, as the assassin Deathstroke was paid to kill her, while Nightwing struggled to protect her, eventually paying him off for Amy's life.

The group and Grayson finally make progress following Chief Redhorns murder, after which Grayson protects his wife through out Europe, gaining the evidence Mary Redhorn had kept over the years, following giving this evidence to the feds Amy was made Captain. Amy would once again find herself as well as her family being put in danger following this, as a group of corrupt Bludhaven officers attempted to gain revenge on her, only for Nightwing to once again come to her aid, with her discovering his true identity through a shoulder wound. Following learning the truth she forced Grayson to turn in his badge, as she strongly felt it interfered to much with his duties as an officer.After Nightwing left the city she passed along information to Robin and Batgirl, when they moved to fill the void.

Amy was soon the first to discover Nightwing has been present at the death of Blockbuster, but hid this fact to protect him concocting a story of Grayson having been working undercover at the time. When it finally seemed that Bludhaven had slowly started to heal, the society dropped Chemo on the city in retaliation for Nightwing's actions, costing Deathstroke his daughter Ravager. However, Amy as well as her family escaped with Nightwing's aid.

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