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Amy Beitermann had a happy childhood until her father left at a young age. Her and her mother were soon very poor, and her mother was forced to bring home men to help pay the bills. Amy was upset with this and wished her mother would die. Sadly her mother eventually committed suicide, leaving Amy to find her body after school one day. Despite all the tragedy, Amy managed to attend college, have a career and a normal life. At the age of 25 she met a business man named Ted James, who she fell in love with. They soon married, however she left him after he continued to have affairs on her. Distraught by this, she started to have love affairs with any man she could, sometimes not even knowing their names. One day Ted returned to Amy, and told her that he had contracted AIDS from one of his mistresses when they were still married, and she too had contracted it. This meant that all the men she had slept with were doomed, as she was. Amy blamed herself for their deaths.

Enter the Spectre

Nate and Amy

Amy was a social worker at a hospital when she met

Jim Corrigan

. At the time he was lost and dealing with personal issue, she offered to help him, however he declined. She then witnessed a drive by shooting outside the hospital, where several people were shot, even Jim, though he was unharmed.

Nate Kane

, a police detective arrived on the scene to check on Amy. Nate had a love interest in her, but because of her condition and the fact that everyone he had ever loved had been killed by various diseases, he never told her how he felt. Curious about Jim, she began to investigate him, herself. Nate remembered the name, and told her he used to be a cop before he started a private investigator business. Locating his old office was not difficult, but she found it abandoned.

Madam Xanadu

, who shared the same building summoned Amy and questioned her. They concluded that neither knew his whereabouts and agreed to let the other know if they found out.

During a visit with Nate at the police station, Amy happened upon a recently found body encased in cement. Though labelled a John Doe, Amy recognized the body as Jim Corrigan. Now terrified of the man, Amy returned home, where she was confronted by him. After seeing how lost and alone he was, she took pity on him. He revealed to her his identity as the Spectre and his mission to confront evil. Amy became a close friend and spiritual anchor for Jim. Be that as it was, Madam Xanadu used Amy to gain access to the power of the Spectre. Xanadu revealed to Amy that the Spectre could cure her, and went as far as to show Amy her death at the hands of a killer. In this vision, she was cut up in an alleyway with an outline of a man carrying a kitchen knife.Through this Amy remained Jim's friend, and helped is spirit to regain the stolen power of the Spectre. In the end, Xanadu did not want the burden that Jim had carried.

Amy then fell into a fit of depression. Her one friend Nate, refused to be close to her because of his fears, and her other friend, Jim was dead. Contemplating suicide, she was confronted by the Spectre, who showed her a vision of hell, where the souls suicide victims were sent. Setting her straight, he promised to protect her. Shortly after her vision Nate barged his way into her apartment demanding answers about Corrigan. The Spectre, not knowing Nate, saw him as a threat and battled him on a psychic level. Finding the truth and weakness of Nate, the Spectre informed Amy that Nate had been working on "The Reaver" case. The Reaver was a serial killer, however the police had not released the fact that the killer was targeting woman with HIV and AIDS. Furious with Nate, he left on bad terms.



One would think that with Jim Corrigan, the Spectre, Nate Kane, and even Madam Xanadu protecting you, you would be safe. Sadly, fate would not be denied. Corrigan went off to find the serial killer before he could hurt Amy. Learning his identity, he tried to return to Amy to protect her. Before he could, he was confronted by Azmodus. Nate, who could not bring himself to see Amy, staked out her apartment from a rainy doorway outside, and was subdued by the Reaver. Xanadu contacted Amy telling her that she was in danger and to run. Amy stated that if it was her fate to die, running would not help. She then armed herself with a kitchen knife and decided she would go out fighting. When the Reaver came for her, he told her that she was the one he was looking for. She was the one that infected him. He had been killing woman with HIV and AIDS so that no one else would be infected. Finally he would kill her. Amy fled the apartment after exchanging blows in a knife fight with the killer. He followed her out into the streets.

Alone and dying

Madam Xanadu, trying to cheat fate, cast a spell to distract Azmodus. The Spectre now free from battle, went to protect Amy as fast as he could. Nate, was recovering from a blow to the head, knowing that Amy was in trouble. Amy ran down an alleyway that came to a dead end. Realizing it was the same alleyway as in the vision, she knew she had moments to live. The Spectre arrived to see the Reaver plunging his knife into her again and again. The Reaver saw the Spectre and fled. The Spectre reverted to Jim. Amy begged him to stay with her. The Spectre regained control, wanted vengeance, and immediately followed the Reaver. Moments later Nate found her. She was covered in blood and pleaded not to let her die alone, to hold her in her final moments. Nate could not do this, due to his pathophobia, and instead called for help and went after the killer. Amy was left alone in the dark and rainy alley. Like in her vision she would die alone. Her worst fear was to become true. Madam Xanadu, would not let this happen. Though she could not cheat death for Amy, she would cheat fate. Coming to Amy's side she held her till her last breath. Amy would not die alone.


Xanadu accompanied Amy to the hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Nate and Jim arrived at the same time, and Nate pleaded with Jim to bring her back. Changing into the Spectre, Jim entered the spirit realm. Nate then did what he could not do when Amy was still living, he held her in his arms and told her how much he loved her. The Spectre met Amy's spirit before she made it to heaven. She asked if he was going to take her back to the land of the living, like he did to another woman he loved. He replied no. The two exchanged goodbyes and kisses. Amy told Jim there was a place in heaven for him when he finished his mission. Indeed when Jim Corrigan did finish his mission and was buried, he went to heaven where he was granted his greatest gift. He shared his afterlife with Amy Beitermann.

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