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Little is known about this amulet other than it is used for protection and restrains 'The Host' from transforming into Shadowman. The first person that is seen with the amulet is Josiah Boniface at the Beginning of Shadowman #1. Here he is seen giving it to his baby momma, Helena LeBreton, to protect the baby. As soon as he takes it off though, Josiah turns into Shadowman.

Ten years later, we see that she stops wearing it and gives the amulet to her son, Jack Boniface. Minutes later, she dies in a car accident due to black ice on the road.

Jack continued to wear it till one day he found out the truth about his parents. When he was enraged about it, he took off the amulet and threw it in the river. At that very moment, Alyssa sensed the presence of the return of Shadowman.

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