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Amnel is a gentle female alien who helps the Silver Surfer in his efforts to save the peoples and creatures of Earth form the cataclysm known as Marduk. Amnel works aboard the Great Ark and attempts to remove all bad thoughts from the children the Silver Surfer has selected to restart the human race once it is destroyed. 
Aboard the ship, Amnel grows close with Ellie Waters. She gives Ellie and old artifact given to her by her family. After Ellie is returned to Earth, the Surfer is ordered to abandon Earth all together for it will be destroyed entirely. The Surfer will not risk returning for Ellie, which causes tensions between Amnel and the Surfer. Amnel decides to go to Earth and attempt to rescue Ellie herself.
Upon her arrival, her ship is shot down by the United States military. She dies on Manuae Atoll on the Cook Islands.

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