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Ammut is an African sphinx that was created personally by Oshtur. Ammut has stated that she was made from Acacia petals, Nile water, black sand, desert heat, and then brought to life by Oshtur's magics. Ammut's Sphinx physiology is part leopard, part crocodile, part lion, and part hippo. Due to her close connection to Oshtur, she possesses a certain number of magical abilities. She even appears to be able to (at will) teleport herself, or other beings to a type of mystic realm. She possesses the ability, and the right, to give riddles to any who seek her information, or aid. If they guess correctly, she will assist them. If they guess wrong, she will eat their minds. Ammut also possesses the ability to overpower other kinds of mystic creatures. Shortly after she was successfully summoned by the Egyptian sorceress Ashake, Ammut single-handedly pinned down two giant snakes that were created via magic. Offensive magic also doesn't appear to have any real effect on her, as Ian McNee struck her with lightning, and she countered by literally eating the bolt.

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