Should Amethyst Return?

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 After reading about this character, she sounds interesting (a young adult version of The Warlord, with jewelry and magic as it's theme). After about 30 years of her debut in the 1980's, I think that she needs to come back into modern comics. I think that The Brave and The Bold comics should be the first stop to reintroduce her...then if lucky she should he appear as a guest star in other comics and maybe have her own book again.
 As for a media appearance, Batman: The Brave and the Bold and maybe have a movie in the near future.

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shes been featured around the place. she was in gotham during infinite crisis with most of the other magic users. maybe her character could be an ally to the teen titans if they retconned her character to make her younger. has she been seen since inifinite crisis

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@Fortanono said:
" Yes.  "
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if u look at the news on comicvine rip hunter's chalk board says something like "the return of the hero of gemworld" so i think she'll be back
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With the upcoming September issue of Sword and Sorcery, confirming Amethyst's return, I thought a little threadcromancy was called for.

Is this how we wanted her to return? Does anyone think she shouldn't return or that she shouldn't be the lead?

Who's excited?

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