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In this issue we find a quest, a capture and a tearful confrontation. We learn more about the wide powers of Amethyst and the ultimate scheme of Dark Opal
We come to the beginning where Dark Opal  is talking to his son Carnellian. We leard that Dark Opal has reigned for 20 years unchallenged until the heir of Amythest has returned. Carnellian has returned with the citrine jewelo. He wonders why Daddy wanted a lesser powerful gem. It is used to bait the new heir and suppose to lead to her downfall he tells Carnellian. 
We cut to Princess Amythest and her dog Taffy a golden Lab returning to earth from gemworld. We see her "parents" with a police officer she had been gone for 2 days and remembers time is different cause she was in Gemworld for only a few hours nd she also morphs back to a young teen girl too. On earth she is 13 in Gemworld she is older. Her parents want to know where she went and she can't say. Dark Opal is recouping his socerer energy.Sardonyx a man who works for Opal has information to share about Amy/Amythest. Having been in battle 20 years ago when battling the house of amythyst the witch-mother Citrina took the young baby to earth to keep her safe and hiddedn . So we now learn Amethyst is 20.  We also learn about Carnellian and Opal managed to snatch him as a erth child because Oplas other offsprings are wretched and hideous who he has banished.  
Back at Castle Amethyst Citrina and Granch speak. We learn Granch is Opal's first born . He feels he needs to rescue his brothers and sisters so they can overthrow Dark Opal.Citrina gives Granch 2 pieces of true amethyst to help him inside the dark dimension one to hold onto the other to leave there. 
Amy is back in school and talks to her friend Rita about birthstones suddenly Rita shows Amy an opal and she freezes . We cut to Granch who enters the dark dimension only to be at the mercy of a wind beast.without resisting the fight Granch is left alone and ok after the drop. He stands in front of the next monster the sentry ofthe masoleum that gurds his ancestors and his brothers and sisters. he fights that too. He defeats it and enters it's mouth because that is where his brothers and sisters at at. Citrina back at the Castle hears a crying for help she goes to it because it is calling from her gem. However she is trapped by Dark Opal. We head back to earth and Amy is grounded for being gone. Her dad wants to talk and her gem is powered up again. Just when he opens her door she leaves for Gemworld.

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Girly Comics Not Bad 0

I always heard of this title. But when I got a chance to save a box of comics fromm my grandparents garage there wre some of these in there. I'm glad i picked and read this. Not quite girly but it has enough sorcery and magic that I believe the Sci-Fi channel could make a mini series out of. I wish I had the first two issues maybe then this might make more sense. Guys this isn't that girly of a comic after all just give this a shot....

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