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Amethyst's teachings begin as Carnelian returns to the Gemworld, bearing his father's (Dark Opal) evil legacy. 
We start in Hudson, NY where we see a strange device rumbling around in the dark.We then see a portal being opened up to head to the Gemworld. It appears now that Amethyst is blind.l So making the portal is harder for her. Finally we see her arrive. Being without sight she hears a bird thinking she is outside she wanted Citrina's Chamber. Fearing that  a crow does indeed tell her she is in the chambers.Looking for Citrina's scrolls , Amethyst is hoping one will lead to a cure of her blindness.  Struggling due to her condition and being she can't read , Amethys in a rage destrous stuff in the room. Also she is mad Citrina did not tell her that her father was one of the lords  of order and a powerful being as is Amethyst. 
She picks up a purple ball that begins to talk to her. It used to be her fathers crystal ball and it tells her she is the embodiment and the heart of Gemworld.Apperently Gemworld is in bad shape. The ball describes it to Amethyst the horrors of the mystical storm. 
Back on earth Rita is headed to Carl's house unaware that he is Carnellian in his earth age. . Princess Emerald sees and of course is worried. Rita continues in to Carl's house. and see's someting to her horrors. 
On Gemworld Amethyst talks and Lord Diamond appears . He's there to help her since he is also blind. There is a war council on the other side of the castle. They both go. ANd to their horror and amazment it's Carnelian in a monsterous bulky overwight form. The ancient ones on the other side of Gemworld are in conference fearing the end.t is THE MASTER and he is pissed and he destroys his underlings for failure. 
Carnellian tells of the broach he found it is evil and hungry. Everyone wants to destroy and kill him. Amethyst wants to help him. She puts carl to sleep and if anyonewants to mess with him they have to answer to Amethyst. Just then Carl is destryed from within as Dark Opal reappears in the Gemworld.

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