America's Got Super Powers #1

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The Good

What a cool idea for a story! Brief synopsis: 17 years ago a crystal came to Earth, in the center of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and started glowing. Every woman who was pregnant gave birth, no matter how far along they were, and all the babies survived. All those children (except for Tommy Watts, whose brother died fighting The Quarterback) gained super powers. Now, they all compete on the television show America's Got Super Powers.

America's obsession with competition reality shows and super-heroes clash in one book and it was a ton of fun. This book is accessible to any reader simply because it's so familiar, no matter who you are. It's something we haven't seen in comics before to this magnitude, so it's a fresh new look at a way to do a super-hero book.

The hosts of the America's Got Super Powers are dead on. I'm no expert on reality shows, but I love the cornball dialogue these characters say with a big dumb grin on their faces: "OOOF! That's gotta hurt!" It's little things like this that add a new dynamic to the book.

I loved the main character of this issue, Tommy Watts. He doesn't have any powers, and although he works for the company that produces the television show, he stands for all the right things, and he's willing to go the distance to help out the little guy. There's a bit of a twist towards the end that sets up the what the rest of this series will be about, but it's still really cool and a bit unexpected.

Bryan Hitch's work on this issue is fantastic. I've always been a fan, and his art is really showcased in this book. It's larger than life, and I love seeing his action sequences. I love how characters break through panels and overlap others.

One thing that really caught my eye, with Hitch's art is how characters' bodies react when being hit or in the middle of action. Most of the time, when a character gets hit, it looks rigid and awkward, but Hitch has done a great job at making movement and the posing of the body look very natural.

Believe it or not, I'm glad this is only a 6 issue series. I can't see this being an on-going book because the story focuses so much on the aspect of super heroes and reality television.

The Bad

Nothing here.

The Verdict

What a great start to a mini-series! I loved the idea of reality television and super heroes as a comic book, and I think 6 issues is the perfect amount for it. I loved the dialogue from the hosts of the show, and because of this, it really feels like something you'd see on primetime.

I was a big fan of the main character, Tommy Watts, and I enjoyed every aspect about the character. Bryan Hitch's artwork is great on this issue and aside from the beautiful composition, I loved how Hitch showed movement and body poses with the pages.

Overall, you have to check this book out. It's another home run from Image. What a great concept.

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Sounds like a neat idea, but it has an absolutely horrible title, like a bad pun you'd find on a Disney Channel show or something.

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The title is, I think, intentionally tongue-in-cheek. It pokes fun at such shows as "American Idol" and is an almost straight-up rip-off of "America's Got Talent".

Honestly, given how unimaginative most corporate boardrooms are, this is probably precisely the title that a show like this would have.

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I loved this comic! I have got read the rest when they come out.

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@capelesscrusader: I'm sure it's intentional, but names for dumb/fake entertainment either have to be subtly realistic (like Smash TV or M.I.L.F. Island- you wouldn't be surprised if you heard of one of these shows on the air in the future) or completely ridiculous & stupid (like Titanic 2- so stupid that it's hilarious). "America's Got Powers" is just lazy, neither realistic or dumb enough to be funny.

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Does it wierd anyone else out that Jonathan Ross is writing comics....

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@guyver 0: And this well? I mean, holly sh&t, this was one of the best starter issues I've read for a long time now.

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@guyver 0: So it is him!!! Yeah it is but it was a brilliant comic

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@VinceNotVance said:

Sounds like a neat idea, but it has an absolutely horrible title, like a bad pun you'd find on a Disney Channel show or something.

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I really liked this issue, i was kinda expecting the main character doing something out there but not on that scale. So this fans belly is appetized.

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I almost picked this up just due to how much comic you got for your dollar. Hope all 6 issues are good and I can pick it up in trade.

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Can't wait to pick this up, been looking forward to reading it for a while.

Also, Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch are coming to Dublin to sign issues of this so there's that to look forward to next week as well..

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Maybe ill pick this up next week.

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enjoyed all most everything... despise the main character.

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@inferiorego: Tommy's brother is not the Quarterback. His brother was Bobby Watts, who seemingly died fighting Quarterback.

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@vicioushero said:

@inferiorego: Tommy's brother is not the Quarterback. His brother was Bobby Watts, who seemingly died fighting Quarterback.

yep.... i totally screwed up!

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@inferiorego: No biggie, busy man and all. Good review none the less, couldn't recommend this mini more.

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@vicioushero: thanks for the head's up

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The concept makes me think of the "Tiger & Bunny" anime but this is something different, plus Bryan Hitch art work can make me want to buy a book.

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I don't believe it's that good. The story and the art were ok, the characters were cool and as I was reading the issue, I was sure how it would end.

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loved this issue, it was a great start to the series, i went to my comic shop and they had so many copies left which is odd for a 1st issue of a image series, really hoping it does well though. Comicvine should have a comic of the week or an editors choice award each week for the comic thats the best each week.

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