ironhawk22's America's Got Powers #1 review

May the odds be---Oh wait?

I'm back! Image has been on fire lately! This book is about a reality tv show, in which the participants all fight to be a super-hero! Good. The art is some of the best Brian Hitch art, I think I've ever seen. The character's all have a distinct look to them, and no two characters look alike. The scenery is so amazingly well done. So just flat out great art. Now to the story, the diologue is pretty great. While it has curses in it, it's realistic the characters aren't bland characters with generic diologue, which only uses curses to make it more extreme(See Brilliant), the diologue sounds pretty realistic for a comic-book. There's also a some mystery to our main character. Also it's cheap for the amount of pages. Bad. The thing that really annoyed me was....It felt far too Hunger Games like. I'm a big fan of the book, and the movie was great, but I just can't help but read this is and see all of the similarites to the Hunger Games. I mean a bunch of people rebel, a bunch of teenagers fight to the death, our main character originally wasn't supposed to be a part of it. I mean this definitly annoyed me a bit. Also a really minor thing but there's a character on the super-team named Ice, and I think she has the same powers and a similar costume to Dc's Ice so. Overall. 3.5 Mainly for the Hunger Games similarites, and I definitly recommend you read the book, this is far from a negetive 3.5, I really liked this book, but the Hunger Games and America's Got Powers just seem a bit to similar.


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