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Make Mine An American Vampire. 0

Because the response was not as high as I would of thought for my review for American Vampire #1, I only reviewed that issue and the review can be read ( HERE).  The review I believe is a fair break down of the narrative style of the book, so the other 4 issues would likely have read the same with less pictures to them.  This review will focus more of the overall package of the American Vampire Hardcover collection.  American Vampire is a are breed of book for Vertigo. ...

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The 1920's with a bite.. 0

Pre Thoughts I bought this graphic novel at comic con thinking that this book was going to be just like every other vampire story out there, but what I got instead was something totally different. At first glance I saw that Stephen King did the second feature stories to each issue. When I saw his name my first impression was "s@&^* this must be creepy!" I love Stephen King's work so seeing his name already made an impression. Now that you have some back info as to why I read this graphic nov...

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A Magnificent Work Of Art 0

The Story:American Vampire focuses on a new strain of vampire and where and when it originated from in American history. The characteristics of this new American species of vampire, differ from that of other vampires. My Thoughts: Each issue tells two stories, one written by Scott Snyder and the other by Stephen King.  Scott Snyder's story focuses on a woman named Pearl Jones who happens to be an actress. We see her meet Skinner Sweet and how she was gruesomely turned into a vampire. Reading her...

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No Metrosexual Vampires to be Found Here 0

If you thought Scott Snyder was a Batman one trick pony, think again. Together with Stephen King, Snyder weaves a new vampire mythology that undoes all that emo vamp crap we've had to deal with since Interview with a Vampire. This volume goes back and forth between 1925 and 1880 with a couple of stories that quickly become entwined. The 1880 story is neatly wrapped in the frame story that an old guy is recounting the events that he puts into a book. It's the story of Skinner Sweet a ruthless wil...

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Vampires of the twentieth century! 0

6 stars! Brief Introduction: Now, it is rare that I often read many vampire comics (with the exception of “Fray” ), so when I heard so many good things about Scott Snyder and Stephen King’s graphic novel, “American Vampire,” I just had to check it out and boy, was I amazed at how creative and intense this story really was! What is the story? In this volume, we are introduced to two separate stories that feature a ruthless outlaw, Skinner Sweet and a young and beautiful actress, Pearl Jones...

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