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In the aftermath of a large earthquake in San Diego,hundreds of thousands are left dead.However soon a little boy who has adapted gills has surfaced which draws Aquaman in a search to find additional survivors.He then finds an orphaned girl who begins to assist him in search and rescue efforts and in search of the machine that had caused the disaster in the first place.He then defeats the organism that was inside the machine forcing several organism apart with his telepathy, and using it once again to find out who was behind this.The duo then arrives at the man Geist's apartment as Lorena begins to savagely beat him until Aquaman stops her,as Geist attempts to rationalize his actions as to save everyone as San Diego would eventually sink countless years into the future.He then reveals that the DNA sequence used to mutate the people came from Aquaman himself,having been gained during a charity event years prior. Aquaman then begins questioning to who he has been working with, and if refuses he will kill him for his actions before attempting to have Lorena do it only to find her dying as Geist agrees to save her.After which Aquaman drags him from his home in order for the two to continue their conversation.

Aquaman then returns Lorena to the ocean, as he bring Geist under forcing him to see the vast destruction which resulted from his actions. Geist then reveals the people had implanted an implant which has enabled them to watch Aquaman and the various people which Aquaman removes with his magical hand and attempts to learn who the people are.Geist then fakes his death returning to the surface where he cuts his wrist as the onlookers see a swarm of sharks go into a frenzy believing them dead, while Geist returns to the depths where Aquaman makes him stay there with to aid the people who need him most.Aquaman then agrees to remain in Sub Diego as he and Lorena continue to assist those who need it and stop the crime that is beginning to pop up in the new society.

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