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The character was mostly depicted in trading cards and concept art at the time of the Amalgam event. A brief outline of the character's history was given.

American Girl became the sidekick of the Super-Soldier during World War II. Her activities in the intervening years are unknown. She was one of the casualties in an event called "Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour". The main battles of the event supposedly took place on planet Apokolips, ruled by Thanoseid. She has been hinted to have been a victim of Doctor Doomsday.

Current Events

American Girl appeared in Amalgam comics.

Powers & Abilities

American Girl possessed the skills and hand-to-hand combat expertise from Bucky, and the various arsenal of Kryptonian powers from Supergirl, including super-strength, durability, flight, super-speed, enhanced sight, eye beams, and ice breath.

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