spikevalentine's American Flagg! #1 - Hard Times review

A classic, for sure!

Howard Chaykin's American Flagg! is one of those '80s revolutionary comic books that every so-called nerd or fanboy should check out. We can easily call it the precursor to stories like Warren Ellis' Transmetropolitan, with that chaotic narrative that paints a gritty, yet cartoony parody of world events that are as relevant today as they were 30 years ago.

Reuben Flagg is a former actor forced to become a Plexmall ranger after being replaced by an hologram. He enters into a world of disbelief as he discovers how the Plex, the ruling corporatocracy, works in order to sustain "the 1%" that has moved to Hammarskjold Center, on Mars, after the big crisis of 1996, the Year of the Domino, hit.

The first arc (consisting of 12 issues) belongs in the company of the great dystopian stories of this medium, such as V For Vendetta and The Dark Knight Returns. It really is worth looking into if you love the art form that is comics. It is one of the pieces from the '80s that pushes the envelope and brings original narrative ideas to the table with an extraordinary sense of composition (not as virtuously, but not unlike Watchmen. Fun fact: Alan Moore also wrote a story for this title).


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