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Amelia Crowne is the Daughter of Burton Crowne, one of the more powerful figures in Gotham City at the time in which he lived. She fell in madly in love with William Cobb (who later becomes a Talon, considered the best one). However, because William was from poor origins, her father did not approve of the relationship. When Burton Crowne told William he wouldn't accept him as a heir, the told him that there were two types of people, the black and the white and that no matter what he did he would always be filth. Because of his deep love for her, Cobb decided to severe all ties with her, even though she was pregnant with his child. Because of that a marriage was arranged between her and a second-cousin. Cobb however, became a Talon soon after this and decided to take away his child and give it to the Haly Circus to be raised as an assassin. Cobb did this so the child would be part of the Gray in Gotham (a reference to Burton's dialogue to him), allowing his child to become a "Gray Son", a conjunction of both the Black and the White in Gotham, to be part of the Court of Owls.

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