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Ame-Comi Girls #2: Batgirl Review

I'm normally pretty generous with my review scoring, since making a comic book is quite difficult, yet we see alot of high quality stuff published every month. Unfortunately, Ame-Comi Girls #2 Featuring Batgirl is not one of these comics.

Issue #1 featuring Wonder Woman's strong point was Amanda Conner's always lovely art. However, this Issue was a severe step down, as I found Sanford Greene's art to be rather bad, with alot of unnecessary lines and really rough looking pencils. This art would benefit from an independent inker.

The bad art doesn't help to hide Gray's and Palmiotti's very weak script, like Conner's art did in the first issue. Wonder Woman was portrayed as violent, egotistical brute in the first issue, but that at least left an impression on me. Batgirl and Robin's characterizations in this issue were completely flat and uninteresting. It felt like I was reading bad Batgirl fan-fiction. The villains were just as bad, being all one-liners with little depth at all to their characters.

I guess the point of this series was to blend Japanese-style animation with American comic art. Unfortunately, it took the worst of both world's, creating large breasted stripperific characters with little personality that relies feminine stereotypes (such as the villains being at each other's throats in this issue not because they are bad guys, but because they are a group of women) to create characters. I normally enjoy Gray's and Palmiotti's work (All-Star Western is one of my favorite series published by DC), but this is an absolute mess of a comic. I can't recommend this to anyone, and I feel like I wasted $8 (for the first two issues). I'll spend my money elsewhere from now on.

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Posted by BatWatch

Excellent review. Much better than mine. I found the character, story, and art too bland to say much of anything about them, but you worked around that. Great job.

Posted by drreneninja

Your review was quite good as well. Seeing your comment of "I cannot say that I really understand the premise of this series" got me to write the review, because I honestly can't say what the point for this series is either :)

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