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Ame-Comi Girls #2


I cannot say that I really understand the premise of this series. I know that this series is based off of a series of figurines, and that in this new universe, only girls have superpowers, buy I do not understand the point of it all. Is this supposed to be attracting the anime crowd? Is it just an attempt to create a female centered universe? Does it have an overarching story?

I attempt to answer these questions and many more as I review the latest hard copy of Ame-Comi Girls starring Batgirl and Robin. Is this a series that everybody can appreciate, or does it have little appeal outside its target demographic?

In this issue, Batgirl and Robin tangle with Poison Ivy.

Mind the Quip

If you like your heroes and villains with a fair bit of snark, then you have come to the right place. Based on characters’ behaviors, you might reasonably expect to see a panel of judges appear at some point holding up Olympic style ratings cards for the characters’ various puns and comebacks. I will admit, such things have some charm, but the humor should balance out a plot, and that is where Ame-Comi Girls drops the ball.

There is no plot here worth mentioning nor is there a conclusion. At the end of this issue, I had nearly as many questions as when I began. I get no real sense of the chemistry between Batman and Robin beyond their sarcastic styling. The villains are even more flat, and I can tell you no reason a single villain is fighting.

I can take or leave the art.


I can see how Ame-Comi Girls might hit home with some comic fans, but it does not work for me. If you want to get a glimpse into an excellent new DC fantasy world, you would probably do better to pick up Earth-2.


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