the_mighty_monarch's Ame-Comi Girls #3 - The Chosen, Part 1 review

The Ame-Comi Spectrum

As I said before, Santi Casas is hands down my favorite of the Ame-Comi Girls artists we've had so far. And it makes perfect sense for a series as wide ranging as this to change artists as we enter a new arc. Casas is a perfect reflection of everything that this series is about. He can make extremely dynamic action, while giving us the best fanservice without being obvious about it. He's just so good at making the girls look so attractive, and maximizing the impact of the exposed skin. He doesn't have to create excuses to focus on the erogenous zones, he manages to make it sexy all the way through.

Going into a new arc, there's a surprisingly minimal focus on the Justice League in their attempts to justify their existence and sovereignty to the United Nations. There's only a short scene that focuses on that, while the rest of the issue is dedicated to developing the Emotional Spectrum in the Ame-Comi universe. This is the cost of having one series dedicated to an entire universe, but it actually makes for more interesting storytelling.

Anyone disappointed by the lack of Jade in the New 52 should probably read this. She's not the same exact Jade we know, but she's a damn cool character. She's a blind extreme-sports enthusiast, so clearly she's just oozing with willpower as she constantly strives to prove to the world how much a blind girl can do. Her costume is probably one of the best of Ame-Comi Girls, it's tight fitting in a way that actually allows lots of mobility, and there's a lot of exposed skin, but some of it makes sense, and other bits of it are very well stylized to create context beyond showing off skin. The headphones that allow her to 'see' are the brilliant final touch, and her determination to pure justice over the interests of her nation paints her as a very heroic girl. She's definitely my favorite character in the Ame-Comi Universe thus far.

We also get some development for Sinestra and Star Sapphire. Sinestra is being set up to be a huge villain, and Star Sapphire has an interesting twisted version of Green Lantern's origin. It follows the basic structure to a T, but takes the setting a step further. But I was expecting a new hero, while instead we got a Carol who resembles the classic Star Sapphire, causing a conflict with Power Girl for very surprising reasons.

And does Jimmy Olson know who Power Girl is? His conversation with Kara teeters on the edge between demonstrating that he knows, and Power Girl secretly teasing him for not knowing. I really can't decide, but I do know they'd make a perfect couple if he knows.

In Conclusion: 5/5

Santi Casas is THE perfect artist for this series, and I really hope to see him more often. I'd love for him to be the one main artist, but I kind of understand the need to rotate on this series. Either way, this issue opens up the Ame-Comi Universe much further, while setting out on a great plot with all sorts of clever twists to parallels of events in the main DCU. Yeah, it's sexy, but it's not JUST sexy.

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