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Prior to the events of Darker than Black, Amber began as an MI6 agent codenamed February, but defected soon after. She later joined the Syndicate taking Amber as her new name. Amber worked alongside Hei and Bai in South America during "Heaven's War", founding Evening Primrose around the same time. When Heaven's Gate disappeared, so did Amber, Bai, and millions of people. Amber resurfaced using her organization to fight the Syndicate.

Amber's objective was to destroy the Hell's Gate in a way that is doesn't wipe out every Contractor from existence. In her possession is the mysterious Meteor Fragment which he recieved from PANDORA's Gate Research Facility. During the events in the Hell's Gate, Amber sacrificed herself so that no Contractors or people had to die simply because that's what Hei wanted.

Character Evolution

Amber's a very kind girl. She appears to be a good leader since her organization Evening Primrose obeys her orders without question. She cares deeply for Hei and made her own personal goal to make him smile again, and she goes out of her own way to ensure his safety. She also seems to care for the members of Evening Primrose.

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