Amazons, Lemnos and Lesbos

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I've been talking to a user about an article written in a website about Wonder Woman, and I've realized that Amazons and the women of Lemnos are together, are one tribe in the Wonder Woman stories. 

According to mythology the Amazons were daughters to Ares (god of war) and nymph Harmony. Other stories say that that Amazons were under the protection of Ioalus, god of wind. I also read that they were risponsable to keep the Argonauts in their island for almost one year making them almost forget their mission, but this story is more for the women of the island of Lemnos whom killed their men for being unfaithful. Then we have the island of Lesbos, Greece's third biggest island, famous for her poet call Safo, whose poems described her love for her female inhabitants. 
There's also a story about Hyppolita and Heracles (Hercules for Romans). He had to get the belt of Hyppolita but instead of having a fight she fell in love with him and gave it to him, but Hera was jealous and made a confusion to start a fight. That is when Hippolyta dies. 
I think Mister Marston combined all these tribes ato make one for his creation of Wonder Woman that's why there's so much confusion, and that's why many people how to consider the Amazons, good or bad.
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Its quite possible, I dont Marston thought very much about the myths so much as what he wanted the character to represent.  He was bound to get some of the details wrong. 
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Ithink he didn't want the amazons to match the Greek mythlogical. I think he used the amazon because the amazons were generally superior to men. In the Greek much like he new 52. The amazon were violent , man hating people. They would used men to reproduction the a Amazon nation. To me he want them to be peaceable , loving. But warrior as well.To me. He didn't want that.

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