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The heroes of the DCU join the battle as the miniseries event explodes!

When the Justice League and members of the Teen Titans arrive in Washington, it's just the shot in the arm the U.S. military needs, and what was a one-sided affair becomes a devastating stalemate. But the war takes a terrifying turn as military strikes start occurring on the other side of the country, plunging the rest of the country into chaos. With the heroes' attention split between the two coasts, the Amazons press forward with a daring assault, and it's up to the heroes to save thousands of innocent lives!

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Overlooking the confusion wherever a shapeshifter fits into any story, the actual invasion aspect of this is moving along nicely. The Amazons hit the shores of the US in Issue 1 and begin their brutal attack on the historic monuments of the US including live people. Issue 2 is actually even better than #1.Black Canary, Batman, Green Lantern, and many other classics from JLU enter the scene for search & rescue only at this point. They're waiting to see where Diana fits into the picture. But s...

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Great issue. Batman of course is the man taking charge and making sure Diana is on the right side. Hippolyta is really a bitch in this issue and her Amazons are very violent. Example arrow through the neck of one air pilot. This issue ties into Wonder Woman very well and the Justice League just made this issue cooler. I am still anti Nemesis and I hope he dies at the end of the issue. The cliff hanger with the Amazons setting fire to Kansas was great. The Amazons are the freaking bomb. The art i...

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Great Art! Story's good too... 0

Like Marvel's Civil War, this book presumes that DC's shipping will be constant. Unfortunately, there's one (what I feel is a) MAJOR event that takes place in a book that's proven to NEVER be on time (Wonder Woman) that's spoiled in this issue.Pfeifer's writing isn't bad. As I mentioned above, he refers to events that have not yet happened (another instance being the whole "Sarge Steel" dupe thing). However, Pete Woods' art is fantastic. I've been impressed with him for a while now, and his art ...

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