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After Xavier: The Age of Apocalypse 


We stumble into the Consecrated Temple Of the Madri in what used to be known as Quebec. We come to hear madri sing praise to Apocalypse while having Bishop captured and tied looking like a man ready to be executed.Before the execution can happen Storm barges in and rescues Bishop while Banshee and Quicksilver are elsewhere in the temple.There they break out Jamie Madrox who had been used as a lab rat by Sinister and Beast to exheed the limits of his abilities and which has caused Madrox to be driven insane.We cut back to the mansion and Rogue and Sabertooth and Colossus and Kitty Pryde and Ilyanna arrive talking about their missions from other books. There they enter the tunnels only to come across Gambit and his crew who had seen little Charles but appears to had to givve him up. 

Back atthe temple we see Storm and Bishop fighting the Madri. Banshee and Quicksilver contemplate killing Madrox but Abyss arrives and Banshee fights him killing them both in the process. Quicksilver talks to Madrox whocomes to his senses for a split second and stops all his duplictes thus sacrificing himself.They arrive as do everyone else and now it's time for this storyline to end. 


This story concludes in X-Men Omega.

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This of course is the last issue of this miniseries. This is the lead in to the end  of the alternate reality story. You think it has to end nope Marvel hookes you in to get the last book . I mean of course Bishop is saved but the main person Apocalypse and Magneto were never in this at all. Is the some reason we should be on this band wagon in the long run grand schemes did anything hurt or tie into the  main reality? Other than to sell anything with X in the title there is none I can think of ...

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