twofacedjoker's Amazing X-Men #3 - The Quest For Nightcrawler Part 3 of 5 review

A Beast of a Book

This issue really does the heart some good.

There's a lot that this book does right and, though it doesn't hit every mark perfectly, it does a pretty damn good job. Primarily, this issue focuses on two relationships; Beast and Azazel, and Storm and Nightcrawler. Both have interesting dynamics, and offer some really great interaction, whether it be the two beastly figures jousting physically and verbally or the two lovers brought together again. I think that's what makes this so enjoyable for me; I'm all about character development, and that's, more or less, what this encapsulates.

The dialogue can be a little odd from time to time, but it's nothing to complain about, and I absolutely adore the cartoony look to this series. I plan on following this series very closely.

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