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When Carmine Infantino ws editor of DC Comics in the mid-1970s, they produced a number of $2.00 special folio sized comic books. Amazing World of Superman was created to celebrate (and coincide with) the opening of a Superman theme park in Metropolis, Illinois.

This one-shot contains a retelling of Superman's origin that artist Curt Swan considers the work he is most proud of in his 30 year career as the illustrator of Superman comics.

  1. Superman Land --
  2. How To Draw Superman --
  3. Superman Family Portait --
  4. Route Map of Superbaby's Rocket --
  5. How A Comic Magazine Is Created --
  6. "The Origin of Superman!" -- written by E. Nelson Bridwell, penciled by Curt Swan and Carmine Infantino, inked by Murphy Anderson and lettered by Gaspar. When Krypton is threatened by planet wide quakes, scientist Jor-El warns the Science Council and calls for a resumption of the abandoned space program in an effort to evacuate the planet before destroys itself. When the end of Krypton comes sooner than expected, Jor-El places his infant son, Kal-El into a warp-drive rocket and sends it to Earth. It circled the Earth before landing in the countryside where Jonathan and Martha Kent discovered it. Even as a baby Kal-El began to show incredible superhuman powers. After Martha passed away from disease, and while Jonathan lay on his death-bed, Clark swore to his father that he would only use his powers for good. Soon thereafter, he departs Smallville for a new life and adventure in Metropolis! Reprinted in Limited Collectors' Edition #31 - Superman.
  7. Superman Syndicated --
  8. The Metropolis Story --
  9. Rogues' Gallery --
  10. The Fortress of Solitude --
  11. It's A Bird... It's A Plane... It's Superman! --
  12. Superman Salutes NASA --
  13. Important Dates In Superman's Life --
  14. Superman's Mission For President Kennedy --
  15. The Superboy Legend --
  16. Superman's Photo Album --
  17. Superman Portrait --

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