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A GRIM HUNT TIE-IN! This is it! With Spider-Man tangled in the web of The Grim Hunt, Black Cat's solo adventure comes to a close and it's a must-read for any fan of the web-slinger and his supporting cast! The Black Cat finds herself face-to-face with the family that's been after Spidey for months, and she's not pleased to see them.

Plot Summary

When a string of Russian jewels are stolen across the country, Felicia finds herself in the rare position of being accused of a crime she didn't commit. The responsible party is a man named Vasili - servant to the legendary Kraven family. And jewelry isn't the only thing he's stolen.

He has the Cat's estranged mother Lydia held hostage, and demands Cat steal items the family once owned, including an 18th century Russian sword that Ana Kraven desires. Vasili, in turn, desires the young Kraven and will stop at nothing to get this item - and that's where Cat's plan begins.

Cat gathers her closest confidantes - Tami and Kyoto, her costume and gear designers, and Poet, her tech support - to turn the tales on Vasili. They stage the theft of the sword, and give Vasili a fake prop - but Vasili knocks the cat unconscious and takes her prisoner.

At the Kravinoff mansion, Vasili presents the sword and the Cat as trophies to the Kravens - but they immediately recognize not one but two fakes, the sword and the Cat - Vasili has Tami in disguise. The real black cat has snuck into the Kravinoff mansion to rescue her mother.

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The Trophy Hunters concludes 0

Black Cat's version of Grim Hunt ends here. Pros: Even with the powers of probability manipulation, Felicia proves that she doesn't need them much to be a master thief and manipulator. She totally screws with the Kravenoffs and their loyal follower Vasili putting them against each other. Felicia's friends have a role with this operation as well. I was a bit surprised that Felicia saved Vasili from getting killed by Sasha after Felicia showed her photos of him obsessing over Ana. Then ag...

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Cat Puns Have Failed Me 0

Or maybe I failed cat puns, I'm not sure. Anyway...  This issue was quite an improvement over the last two. It wraps up the series with both a satisfying resolution to the main conflict and an enjoyable ending to the book. If the last issue was like an episode of Burn Notice, this issue is an episode of Burn Notice. At least the first half anyway. There's action, explosions, cover ID's, and plenty of humor. If your into sort of thing (and who isn't, to some degree?), then you'll probably like th...

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