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The second Amazing-Man

The first Will Everett was the Golden Age super-hero named Amazing-Man, a hero that served in the All-Star Squadron. After the war, Everett retired and gave birth to a son, named Will Jr, who inherited the power. Will Everett Jr did not don the mantle of Amazing-Man, but rather used his abilities in the Vietnam War. Unfortunately, he perished there, but not before having a son: Will Everett III. Will blamed the powers for his father’s death and his grandfather’s cancer, and felt blessed he was born without them.

However, Will was wrong. When the evil alien entity called Overmaster sought to return to Earth, he sent his energies ahead, calling out for heralds to signal his return. While Overmaster’s powers triggered the metagene in various individuals, they also triggered the latent powers within Will Everett III. Waking from a nightmare, Will realized he inherited the powers of his father and his father’s father after grabbing his bed’s headboard and turning to wood. With his father deceased, Will turned to his grandfather, who told him to seek out the Justice League of America. Will donned his grandfather’s costume, and traveled to New York City to become the second Amazing-Man, and aid the Justice League in the second coming of the Overmaster.


Extreme Justice #1

The second Amazing Man was created by Justice League America scribe Dan Vado, with the assistance of the combined Justice League editorial team of Brian Augustyn and Ruben Diaz. Will Everett III debuted in Justice League America #86, published March of 1994, and played a critical part in the six-part Justice League crossover event Judgment Day. The Golden Age Amazing-Man’s costume was slightly updated for the 1990s by artists Marc Campos and Ken Branch, though the costume did not debut until Justice League America #89. Amazing-Man became a member of the Justice League until his move over to Extreme Justice in January of 1995 with his creators Vado, Branch, and Campos. Even with a new creative team, Amazing-Man stayed with Extreme Justice until its cancellation 18 issues later.

After the cancellation of Extreme Justice, the second Amazing-Man would only appear in the occasional guest star or crossover until January 1998, when he was killed in the pages of Starman at the hands of writer James Robinson.

Story Arc

Judgment Day

Extreme Justice

Amazing-Man arrived in New York City, to visit the Justice League, and was introduced to them by a friend of his grandfather’s: Jay Garrick, the first Flash. Wonder Woman invited Amazing-Man to join the League as they prepared to take down the Overmaster. Amazing-Man journeyed with the League to Mount Everest, where he joined Captain Atom’s squad in the assault. He survived the initial attack by the Overmaster’s Cadre by transforming himself into nuclear energy. When the team reached the Overmaster’s base, they assaulted the alien, but Justice Leaguer Ice died in the process. In the final assault, Amazing-Man came to terms with being a hero, and stepped up to absorb the Overmaster’s powers. Amazing-Man fought toe-to-toe with the giant alien, using the Overmaster’s own power against him. With the Overmaster weakened, the League moved in and took down the Overmaster for good, while Blue Beetle helped disable the Overmaster’s devices.

Extreme Justice

After the Overmaster’s defeat and the death of Ice, the Justice League fractured. Amazing Man was offered positions in two of the splintered Justice League Groups, one led by Wonder Woman, and one led by Captain Atom. Amazing-Man joined with Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, and Maxima. Captain Atom named the group the Justice League, though they became more commonly known as “ Extreme Justice,” due to the extreme nature that they dealt with threats.

Amazing Man & Maxima

For their first mission, Captain Atom led Extreme Justice to stop a mad U.S. general from launching a nuclear strike against Russia. Since that first mission, Amazing-Man aided Extreme Justice in a number of operations, including taking over the defunct secret U.S. government research facility Mount Thunder as their base of operations. During the first fight, when Captain Atom was thought dead, Amazing-Man wondered whether he was cut out for being a super-hero, especially having seen both Captain Atom and Ice die. However, Blue Beetle reminded him of the need for heroes, and Amazing-Man stuck in the fight.

When Ronnie Raymond returned to being Firestorm, Amazing-Man welcomed him onto the Extreme Justice team. Amazing-Man fought alongside his Extreme Justice teammates against the return of Monarch, and intercepted the escaping Wonder Twins from their slave master. During this time, Amazing-Man began a relationship with Maxima, after Maxima’s spurning at the hands of Captain Atom. Amazing-Man also joined Extreme Justice in operations with the greater DC Universe. He joined in the defeat of the Crimelord and his alien nuclear arsenal; helped defend New York City during the Zero Hour event; and aided humanity during its Final Night. During their final mission, Extreme Justice defeated the Legion of Doom created by an insane Brainwave Jr.

Justice League Europe

Amazing-Man's death

With the return of the “magnificent seven” ( Aquaman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Superman, and Wonder Woman) to the Justice League, all the existing Justice League teams (including Extreme Justice) disbanded. Five of the former members of the League reformed Justice League Europe, operating once again out of Paris. Amazing-Man joined Blue Devil, Crimson Fox, Ice Maiden, and Firestorm.

Unfortunately, the first mission of the new Justice League Europe was also its last. Unknown to its members, the second Mist infiltrated the group as Ice Maiden. She set up an elaborate ambush as the League was guarding the Comtalle Diamonds. She targeted each Leaguer one-by-one. After she killed Crimson Fox, she was discovered by Amazing-Man. Amazing-Man thought he was reaching for the brick wall to transform himself into brick, but actually transformed himself into veneer. The Mist then shot Amazing-Man with a pistol, shattering him to death.

Powers and Abilities

Amazing-Man absorbing Overmaster's powers

Like his grandfather, the second Amazing-Man possessed the ability to transform himself into a living embodiment of any material he touched: from wood to radio waves. He gained the inherent abilities, powers, and weaknesses of that material: for instance, if he touched stone, then he would become as strong and hard as stone, but would also be susceptible to fracturing. While his grandfather could only transform himself into materials, the second Amazing-Man could also duplicate a super-human’s power by touching them. This seems to include a being’s inherent abilities, such as Maxima’s telepathy or the Overmaster’s power. If a person has multiple abilities, though, the one he receives seems to be at random. He also could not imitate the form of another being. Through unexplained means, Amazing-Man’s costume also transformed into whatever materials he touched as well.


  • Height: 5’ 11”
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Black

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