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Lonely high-school student Peter Parker attends a science experiment. During the experiment, a spider absorbs an uncanny amount of radiation before biting Peter. Soon after, Peter discovers that he has powers similar to that of a spider – he is incredibly strong and can stick to walls. He decides to use his newfound power to earn money, creating the identity of ‘Spider-Man’. Spider-Man soon becomes an overnight sensation. Spider-Man selfishly fails to stop a burglar, as he feels it’s not his problem.

However, when Peter returns to his house one night, he discovers that his beloved Uncle Ben has been shot in a botched robbery. As Spider-Man, Peter tracks down the murderer, but is shocked to discover it is the thief he allowed to escape earlier. Racked with guilt, Peter realises that with great power, there must also come great responsibility.


On A small Island a bell ringer notices a volcano about to erupt. He rings the bell in hopes everyone can get to safety, opting to stay in the church to ring the bell for help. Will it come in time?


A criminal, Rocco Rank is on the lamb, he breaks into a museum to hide, and hears a voice. It comes from a mummy's sarcophagus, lie with the mummy and help will be given, but at what price?


A small community of people find a crashed spaceship, and realize there are aliens among them.

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Part of CV's Top 100 Spider-Man Universe Stories - reviewed!This is it. One of the most prized comics in comic book history. The comic that introduced Spider-Man to the world. An original of this baby is worth more than the wealth of some entire nations.Amazing Fantasy ran for fourteen issues as Amazing Adult Fantasy before there was an attempt to retool it to boost sales. 'Adult' was removed from the title, stories were reduced from six per issue to five, and a new costumed character, Spider-Ma...

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