englentine's Amazing Fantasy #15 - Spider-Man! review

Really one story is all you need

I worked in a comic shop that had this on it's back wall. On a day I was on my own I read the issue, sure I had read reprints of the Spiderman story, yet I had never seen the other stories, and I had to contend with two realities. one was that the owner was going to take it and put it into a safety deposit box. He only wanted it on the wall for a little while, so he could get the word out he had the issue. This was before the internet. The other was, I will never get a chance to read a comic that was worth as much as this one.

I have to tell you, from what I read, the entire book is almost a waste of time. Seriously, Spiderman is the only real standout. I mean the other stories aren't bad, but not very memorable. I am trying to remember them as a matter of fact and only can come up with a panel in my head. Still the origin of Spidey is worth 4 stars, and if you can find ia reprint, the other stories do serve as a curiosity.


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