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Amazing Fantasy 15 - where it all began 0

Here it is - 11 pages (12 if you count the cover) of comic book history in the making.You know the story - timid Peter Parker, who we all came to know, love and identify with - is bitten by a radioactive spider and receives his Spider - powers. Almost knocked over by an onrushing car, Peter suddenly discovers his agility and ability to cling to walls as he jumps clear of the vehicle. Deciding to cash in on his new powers, Peter decides to enter a wrestling contest - ignoring the pleas of a polic...

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Really one story is all you need 0

I worked in a comic shop that had this on it's back wall. On a day I was on my own I read the issue, sure I had read reprints of the Spiderman story, yet I had never seen the other stories, and I had to contend with two realities. one was that the owner was going to take it and put it into a safety deposit box. He only wanted it on the wall for a little while, so he could get the word out he had the issue. This was before the internet. The other was, I will never get a chance to read a comic th...

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Greatest Comic of All Time 0

This is hands down the greatest comic book ever writen.Stan Lee's best work is in Amazing Fantasy #15.The story tells the origin and the first apperence of the worlds most beloved superhero the Amazing Spider-Man.The story is wonderful and has some of the best writng and art work the world has ever seen.The tale of Peter Parker is one of the best.You won just find this book at any store remember it worth thousands.This one story has inspired movies and video games gallore!Spider-man Captred our ...

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Origin of a Spider 0

By The Angry Comic Book Critic  This is it ladies and gentlemen the triumphant return of the Angry Comic Book Critic. It's been a while since I've written a review but what better way to return to the business than with the character that made me  the comic nerd I am today I'm talking about of course The One, The Only,  The Amazing, The Sensational SPIDER-MAN. Today were going to see his humble beginnings from awkward teenager to guy who marries a smoking hot babe and makes a deal with the devi...

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Spider-Man! 0

Conceived long before his debut, Spider-Man was Marvel’s last ditch hope at somehow reviving the flailing Amazing Fantasy series, switching up a ton of things, the least of which certainly not Spider-Man and Peter Parker himself. It was a risk that a few people outside of Lee and Ditko’s office had hope for, yet, somehow miraculously, the public put their hatred of spiders to the back of their minds and Spider-Man was an instant hit.Like Stan has gone over a thousand times already however, most ...

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Wow This Is Where It All Started 0

So time to review this one wow. i mean the first spider-man issue it's amazing (no pun intended) to realize one of my favorite stories just start this way. and then i get these memories of watching the 90's tv show and the movies and the 00's tv show and it's great.THE PLOT:Peter Parker is a lonely brilliant teenager who is raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. After getting teased one day by Flash Thompson, Liz Allan and co., Peter goes into a laboratory where an experiment goes wrong. A helple...

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The Origin of Spider-Man 0

Please check my youtube at (well post review shortly)"Spider-Man"The Good-This starts the legend, the beginning, the amazing Spider-Man. Namely my favorite hero, Spider-Man is always creative and fun. This is no exception. This also introduces what makes Spider-Man the best hero EVER. Not all the action and fighting (that's pretty cool though) But his personal problems are always the reason that the average comic fan will say their fave marve...

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Historical Sigificance vs. Storytelling Quality 0

Part of CV's Top 100 Spider-Man Universe Stories - reviewed!This is it. One of the most prized comics in comic book history. The comic that introduced Spider-Man to the world. An original of this baby is worth more than the wealth of some entire nations.Amazing Fantasy ran for fourteen issues as Amazing Adult Fantasy before there was an attempt to retool it to boost sales. 'Adult' was removed from the title, stories were reduced from six per issue to five, and a new costumed character, Spider-Ma...

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