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Stories Include:

The Coming Of The Krills!
Everyone Likes A...Ghost Story
The Eyes Of Edward Morgo
The Yo-Yo
A Monster Among Us

The Coming of The Krills

An alien spaceship arrives on Earth hidden among artificial storm clouds. Its target is a radar outpost in Northern Canada. Inside the base, Lou is disgruntled at being assigned to such a desolate post when the aliens break in and announce themselves as The Krills from the 9th Galaxy. The Krills’ plan is to destroy radar outposts in order to mask their invading fleet so they can perform a surprise attack on Earth. They make an offer to the two station guards that if they deactivate their radars The Krills will give them vast riches and the most beautiful women in the Universe. Lou decides he’s hit the jackpot and thinks nothing of betraying Earth instantly. However the other station guard refuses to sell out, attacks Lou and makes a run for it. He is shot in the back by a Krill with a Paralysis Ray and drops to the floor. Lou meanwhile wants proof of The Krills’ promise and they introduce him to his new bride… a grotesque blue skinned Krill female, who to them is the most beautiful creature in the universe. Lou shrieks at his fate while the other guard manages to reach the alarm.







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